Your services are enriched with new features, thanks to the services of doccle, has been offering qualified electronic signatures since 2020 without any commitment. No subscription or fixed costs to bear, just prepaid credits so that each user can order the number of e-Signatures according to their real needs. A commercial offer adapted to the lowest volumes and allowing the electronic identity card (.beID) or itsme® Sign to be used on demand as means of strong signature.

Today is enriching its services with new features to even better meet the needs of its user community.

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itsme® Sign accessible to SMEs, self-employed and individuals

-Press release-
itsme® Sign accessible to all: SMEs, self-employed and individuals
Brussels, June 9, 2020 – VisitOnWeb, designer of innovative solutions for freelancers and SMEs, has chosen doccle as a partner for its electronic signature services, including itsme® Sign. Available on, these services offered in prepaid formulas will contribute to the adoption of the electronic signature among professionals and individuals looking for an easy solution adapted to low volumes.

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