Your website is your first business card

Did you know that people make up their mind about what is on offer within a fraction of a second of visiting your site for the first time? You need to “captivate” them immediately so that they will stay and take the time to see what you can really offer.

If you are serious about improving your image and attracting more clients take a look at our step by step guide below, and contact us for a quote today, it’s free and you are under no obligation to take things further.

Stack the deck in your favour

Step by step guide to designing and building your website

1. Defining your needs

At our first face to face meeting (or telephone conference for those who are based further away) we will listen to what you have to say and ask you about your needs, desires, aims and more. Together we will figure out the content of your website and the functionality it requires.

2. Quote

We will provide you with a detailed quote based on the information given at our first meeting / call.

3. Your agreement

Have you decided to go ahead? That’s fantastic! Sign and return the quote and we will bill you for a 50% deposit.

4. Content & Keywords

In order to build and reference the site you will need to supply us with text, photos and potentially videos, you will also need to think about keywords. Imagine you are surfing the internet searching for the product(s) and/or service(s) that you sell, what would you key into google? Which words of phrases would you search for?

5. Draft website

As soon as we receive your deposit we will install the draft website, create an initial layout, and send you the link so that you can follow the whole development process of your future website.

6. Feedback & comments

Feedback your comments and questions on the draft site and we will make any changes you require. Once the site is exactly as you want it to be we move onto the next step.

7. Going live

We will install the website onto your domain name, we will ensure that search engines like google are aware of it and set in motion the natural reference system.

8. Your training

Once the site has been created and is live, we will train the person or people in your company who will be in charge of maintaining the site on a daily basis. We will teach them to add, change or delete content. They will also be able to manage the way pages appear in search engines and change, add or delete keywords. The will have full, independent control.

9. Help & Support

Although you will now be in full control of your website you may need help if you want to change the layout or design of the site. We remain ready and willing to help and respond quickly to our client’s needs. Client satisfaction is of great importance to us, so please never hesitate to contact us for whatever you need and recommend us to your colleagues, acquaintances and friends.

A successful and affordable online shop

After testing most e-commerce solutions on the market, we have found the ideal solution for any SME or freelancer wishing to get online at a lower cost. Our ecommerce module is the most suitable for the following reasons:

  1. Proven Solution: The framework is the most popular in the world with over 60 million sites using it daily.
  2. Always up-to-date: Updates, security patches and bugs are a snap, and new extensions and features are born every day.
  3. SEO: the online store is very well referenced by Google, to attract more traffic.
  4. Autonomy: after the training, you will be able to easily manage the assortment of your e-commerce site yourself.
  5. Open source: The Woocommerce platform is free, you only pay for any add-ons and configuration of it to your needs.

Why choose VisitOnWeb to sell your products or services online?

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