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   Your agency site synchronized under WordPress

‘Buyers’ or ‘Sellers’?

A growing number of agencies are realizing the importance of attracting new mandates
rather than using their website to present their portfolio of properties.

Don’t get the wrong target!

If your goals are:

Position yourself at the top of Google searches

Convince that you are the right interlocutor

Get more requests for more mandates

🛠️ …you’re at the right address! 🤫

Complete & Flexible

A unique combination to put all the assets on your side

  1. Our gateways automatically synchronize your WordPress site with your real estate CRM: WHISE, ALVEEN (E²), APIMO, NETTY or other business tool connected to UBIFLOW
  2. You have a modern and scalable presentation to highlight your agency and your expertise
  3. Thanks to WordPress, the most complete ecosystem in the world:
    • You easily update your site thanks to the best WordPress editor: Elementor Pro
    • You can give administrator access to external service providers of your choice (ex: SEO)
    • You change the functionality of your site thanks to the 55,000+ WordPress plugins available

A site built for SEO

You want to stand out from your competitors and be the leader in terms of SEO. WordPress offers the best tools to boost your online presence and allow your SEO agency to achieve feats. The ‘SmartCrawl Pro’ SEO plugin is included in our package, but you also benefit from options for the selective display of the content of the pages (PC, tablets, smartphone), the optimization of the image library (to boost the loading speeds), automatic conversion of your images to webp format, a LiteSpeed server, …

Stay free to choose

It is legitimate to want to change your site and your supplier often replies that this is not possible and/or takes ages to react. Thanks to our different gateways, you are no longer coincident with your current supplier. If you are no longer satisfied with your CRM and/or the website it offers, you are free to choose the service provider(s) that suit you best. We have a gateway solution for you and we support you in your choices so that you can sustain your activities.

With Agency you highlight what makes you unique
your services, your experience and your satisfied customers

Your audience is more quickly convinced that you are the right interlocutor

Customer satisfaction comes first

What better way to convince future clients than to showcase the great work you have already done for others. We integrate all your flows from external sites to guarantee that this aspect is preponderant through your site: Google Business, Opinion System, Meetrex,…

An optimized site for all media

The size of the images and the layout of your pages adapt to the device used to ensure optimal viewing for your visitors. We also use innovative technology that maximizes display speed depending on the medium to provide exceptional navigation smoothness.

For maximum referencing

Your visibility with search engines is reinforced by a powerful SEO module ‘SmartCrawl Pro’ and the enrichment of the keywords of your properties in all their images/url. Combined with a secure https site and an optimized display depending on the medium used, you have the assets in hand to take the lead in the race.

To better meet expectations

Your ‘Contact’ & ‘Free evaluation’ pages capture the key criteria of your visitors, in order to better understand their expectations. Depending on the possibilities of your CRM, we feed the information received directly into your business tool so that it can better manage the interaction and trigger related processes (eg: automatic marriages).

An engaging solution

Visitors appreciate getting a quick response or response. If you attach importance to being able to engage your prospects at any time, Crisp instant messaging is integrated into your site to allow immediate interaction with your visitors, even on the go from your smartphone thanks to the free Crisp application.

Tools that make the difference

Whether it is measuring the results of a Facebook/AdWords campaign using a Pixel or analyzing the traffic to your site with Google Analytics, everything is already planned, you just have to configure your tools. You can also install widgets from your other providers to boost the content of your site.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Quick implementation

  • Multi-language compatible

  • Elementor Pro editor

  • Your domain name

  • Responsive webdesign

  • Clickable filters

  • Advanced listing

  • Featured on the homepage

  • Focus ‘Free evaluation’

  • Agency & collaborators presentation

  • Virtual tours -ready-

  • Suggestion similar properties

  • Geolocation of properties

  • Intuitive map search

  • Load optimization

  • Powerful SEO module

  • Key words enrichment of images/url

  • Https security

  • CRM automatic synchronization

  • Capture search criteria

  • Social media integration

  • Instant/delayed messaging

  • Integrated blog

  • Google Map & Street View

  • Points of interest on map

  • Premium hosting

  • Tools for your campaigns

LiteSpeed hosting & Technical maintenance

A well thought out site requires quality hosting and maintenance to ensure optimal functioning.
Our offers include all the useful modules for the security of your information, for a successful user experience as well as the key elements for a superior referencing.

  • Lightning-fast LiteSpeed hosting

  • Certificate and https security

  • Double DDOS protection

  • Daily site and data backups

WordPress plugins included

  • Defender Pro (~60$/an)

  • Elementor Pro (~49$/an)

  • SmartCrawl Pro (~60$/an)

WordPress technical updates & Plugins

Because the world is evolving, it is important to evolve with it and not be left behind.
Our infrastructure and your site are continually updated for maximum efficiency.

Finally a solution that is both complete and competitive

Clear pricing without surprises

We have opted for a hyper competitive package to build your future site

Agency package

1500per site (1 language)
  • -included – 2 hours of WordPress/Elementor Pro training
  • + LiteSpeed hosting & Technical maintenance: 295 €/year
  • + Gateway with your CRM (or Ubiflow): 180 €/an

Because we only have one chance
to make a good first impression

Give a boost to your agency!

Our clients trust us

4.8 out of 5 stars
Najma Bouras
Najma Bouras
5 out of 5 stars
2 months ago
Great pro team, I recommend this company. Tailor-made support until the end.
HTB Fashion
HTB Fashion
5 out of 5 stars
2 months ago
We have our agency site hosted at VisitOnWeb and we are very satisfied with the service. They are responsive and are great advice as they are very knowledgeable about WordPress tools and are customer-minded. Friendly as a bonus, I highly recommend.
5 out of 5 stars
2 months ago
Thank you Dimitri for your support!
Jérôme Bodarwé
Jérôme Bodarwé
5 out of 5 stars
2 months ago
Super dynamic and very professional service. We have redesigned our new site and our expectations and their ideas went beyond our own desires. I'm used to working with IT teams and it feels good to find a team that stands out. I can only recommend to everyone!
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You have a question ?

Why a pack rather than an ‘à la carte’ pricing?2020-04-07T13:14:58+02:00

Because we are convinced that the shared model is more virtuous for everyone.
You have more for less money and benefit from technological developments, at lower costs!

What are the possible supplements to plan?2021-04-28T18:10:24+02:00

Our package includes:

  • the project of setting up your site, with the different sections illustrated on our demo site
  • 1 hour of training during the handing over of the administrator keys of your site (put online after your validation)
  • 1 hour of services, to ask us to make adaptations, additional training or other various requests

The possible supplements to this package are:

  • the production of additional content outside the scope of the elements presented: either we make you an offer, or we provide services (75 €/h)
    adding an additional language to your site: 450 € + 195 € / year hosting-technical maintenance
  • the extension of 100 additional properties to your portfolio of active properties (standard 100 maximum): 195 €/year hosting-technical maintenance
  • the addition of an additional agency to your site & 100 additional properties: 450 € + 195 €/year hosting-technical maintenance

Once your site is online, we will pay you for subsequent requests to be made on your site in the form of services under management: 75 €/h under control (minimum 10 ‘deducted per request)

Are there any hidden fees?2021-04-28T17:47:41+02:00

There are no hidden costs.

You pay only once for setting up your Agency site, in the form of a set-up project.
Thereafter there is only the hosting/technical maintenance and your gateway to pay each year.

In addition, you have access to independently make changes to the content of your site.

What if I don’t use one of the listed CRMs?2021-04-28T17:43:13+02:00

Three possibilities are available to you:

  1. The majority of CRMs offer UBIFLOW for the publication of properties to ad sites; in this case it is possible to go through the services of UBIFLOW to feed the gateway with your WordPress site
  2. become a user of one of the listed CRMs
  3. contact us to assess whether we can develop a (paid) gateway with your CRM software; we are technically able to interface with any CRM, it remains to analyze with your CRM supplier the feasibility and the required conditions.

NB: if you do not work with any real estate CRM, the management of your property can be done directly in WordPress

Does your solution cover specific needs?2021-04-29T15:00:08+02:00

With AGENCY, we cover main sections and features useful for real estate agency activities.
However, if you have special needs that you would like to add to your site, we’re glad to hear it.
WordPress is an open platform that allows infinite possibilities.
We are at your disposal for any functionality you are interested in.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
We are at your disposal to answer you.

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