Our tips for putting your place in best value before shooting

In the same way as for a meeting between people, it is in the first moments that the initial impression will be formed, which will be much more difficult to evolve later.

For your place it is the same!

That is why the appearance and general presentation of your property are so primordial, so start on a positive first impression.

A neat entrance, a well-tended garden, clear and bright rooms are all important small details that will avoid losing potential interested.

  • Store and lighten the various parts by leaving nothing dragging that is not decorative or useful, while moderating the private decoration (avoid personal photos, trophies).
  • Arrange the rooms, make the beds and clear the night tables
  • Clean toilets and do not overload with personal effects
  • Check that all of your lighting works and open all curtains / shutters, this will give better brightness
  • Reglue the tapestry that would peel off, conceal any cables running in your rooms in a visible way
  • Temporarily putting away animal accessories
  • Mow the grass, trim hedges and store the garden

So, it’s not more complicated than that, all you have to do is take your visuals and publish them on VisitOnWeb!