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PRODIGY is the most complete and competitive
webservices offer for real estate agencies

Because we only have one chance
to make a good first impression

Your first business card

It is an established fact that real estate research is more and more made online. As a real estate agency, it is essential to have a qualitative site that puts your services and your property portfolio in value, and offers you a leading presence, regardless of the media used.

Thanks to our Responsive Webdesign concept, combined with modern SEO tools and innovative management of your assets, you benefit from exceptional online visibility.

Not only will your Google score be greatly improved, but your visitors’ experience will be much better than traditional solutions.

0 days
Implementation time

Attract new potential owners
and receive new evaluation requests

Your homepage is optimized to trigger property valuation requests. At several times in the visit of your site, the owner is stimulated to ask for a free valuation.

In this way you get in touch with potential new clients and can demonstrate them your real estate services and skills.

With PRODIGY, we have put together in one offer
what is best, and even more !

You no longer have to make choices among expensive options,
you get all the benefits of the latest tools available in a complete and productive solution.

A online showroom site that suits you

You specify the site settings that suit you best, choose the desired language(s) from French, Dutch and English, set your customization preferences (logo, color, font characters, etc.), and we will prepare everything with your own domain name.

A complete and neat presentation

The layout of the different pages is designed for maximum visibility of your properties. You have namely a highlight list on your homepage and different ways to filter your assets. The home page of an individual property is also enriched with suggestions for similar properties.

Geolocation of properties and search on map

Thanks to the enrichment of the data, all your properties are geolocated and displayed on a very intuitive map. The map search is interactive and already displays the main characteristics of the properties. Advanced criteria and a radius of action further refine the selection.

Powered by WHISE

Your site is automatically synchronized with the assets of your WHISE account, so that your site is in sync with your daily activity. It remains to specify us some display parameters such as how many goods do you want to put in highlight, how long a property will be indicated as ‘new’ or what simple/advanced search parameters you want to propose.

A site optimized for all media

The size of the images and the layout of your pages adapt according to the device used to guarantee an optimal visualization to your visitors. We also use an innovative technology that maximizes the display speed according to the media in order to offer an exceptional navigation fluidity. The user experience is key to the success of an agency site and we attach great importance to it.

You keep control on your site

You have administrative rights under WordPress, in our opinion the best current CMS. It is very easy for you to update your site or to add other pages according to your needs. We also offer ad-hoc training to present you the main useful features and allow you to more easily take ownership of the countless possibilities offered by WordPress.

Your activity has no limit

An agency online showroom is good, but when you give it all useful features
to make it a real multi-channel commercial and communication tool, it’s PRODIGY!

Designed for maximum referencing

Your visibility with search engines is enhanced by a powerful SEO module that manages the keywords and metadata of each page of your site, including every page created automatically, and dynamically generates a sitemap file that will be used by Google. Combined with a secure https site and an optimized display based on the support used, you have all the assets in hand to make the race in pole position.

To better meet expectations

Your ‘Contact’ page captures the main search criteria of your visitors, in order to better understand their expectations. You start your interactions with a good understanding of their needs, and if you use WHISE, these settings are reassembled and used to feed automatic weddings.

A multi-communicating solution

All visitors can share the properties that interest them through all existing social networks. And if you place importance on being available to your customers at anytime, ZenDesk instant messaging is integrated into your site to allow immediate interaction, even deferred, with your visitors.

Tools that make the difference

Whether it’s measuring the results of a Facebook/AdWords campaign using a pixel or analyzing the traffic to your site with Google Analytics, everything is already planned, you just have to set up your tools. And for your potential buyers, you even offer a mortgage simulator to make things easier for them.

An immersion in the reality of your properties

In order to enhance the presentation of your properties, they are presented on Google Map/Street View enriched with local points of interest such as transport, schools, supermarkets, pharmacies, etc. This visualization is completed by the addition of a virtual visit, if any available. All this to highlight the situation of your properties to your visitors!

Because the world is changing

Technology and standards are constantly evolving, and you need to have up-to-date tools to get the most out of the internet. Your site is hosted on our secure https servers, protected from DDOS attacks, configured for high availability and optimized for superior performance. We ensure the permanent updating of your tools.

You no longer have to choose among paid options,
with Prodigy you benefit fully from the best online tools
to boost your real estate activities

Discover the demo site

A non-exhaustive list of your benefits

  • Quick implementation

  • Multi-languages

  • Customizable

  • Your domain name

  • Responsive webdesign

  • Clickable filters

  • Advanced listing

  • ‘Featured’ properties on homepage

  • Focus on ‘Free property valuation”

  • Agency & collaborators presentation

  • Virtual tours -ready-

  • Suggestion similar properties

  • Geolocation of properties

  • Intuitive map search

  • Load optimization

  • Efficient SEO module

  • Enrichment of properties URLs

  • https security

  • WHISE automatic synchronization

  • Capture search criteria

  • Social network integration

  • Instant/delayed messaging

  • Integrated blog

  • Google Map & Street View

  • Points of interest on map

  • Premium hosting

  • Tools for your campaigns

Unique functionality
to boost your SEO!

Search engines analyze the content of your pages and apply algorithms to determine relevance to keywords.

With PRODIGY, each property is assigned an improved URL showing the main characteristics of the property, as shown in the picture. In the same logic, all your images are also renamed based on the attributes of your assets, to further increase the relevance of your pages and gain valuable places in SEO.

Hosting & Maintenance

A well thought out site requires quality hosting and maintenance to ensure optimal operation.
Our offers include all the useful elements for the security of your information and for a user experience, as well as the key elements that will be decisive for an outstanding SEO.

  • Premium ultra-fast hosting

  • Domain name of the agency

  • Double DDOS protection

  • High availability of infrastructure

  • https certificate and security

  • Optimized display according to the device used

  • Google Analytics ready

  • Periodic backups of the site and data

WordPress technical updates & Plugins

Because the world is evolving, it is important to evolve with it and not be left behind.
Our infrastructure and your site are continually updated for maximum efficiency.

Inspire confidence is key

The first impression is decisive and it often happens online.
We give you the means to treat this meeting by presenting your agency and your team.

Personify your services

PRODIGY offers you the opportunity to present your collaborators individually to your audience and customers. This improves the perception of your organization and facilitates effective contact by those interested.

Finally a solution that is both complete and affordable

To better meet your needs, we offer 2 pricing formulas to benefit all the advantages of your PRODIGY showroom

You have free choice between our 2 formulas

Because we favor a long term collaboration, we have chosen for a hyper competitive and affordable pricing

PRODIGY -yearly-

500per year
  • -All in-

PRODIGY -one shot-

950per site
  • + Hosting & Technical maintenance : 295 €/year

Give a boost to your agency!

Discover the demo site

You have a question ?

Why a subscription/pack rather than an ‘à la carte’ pricing?2019-09-16T16:45:59+02:00

Because we are convinced that the shared model is more virtuous for everyone.
You have more for less money and continue to benefit from technological developments, at lower costs!

What if I do not use WHISE?2019-09-16T16:40:49+02:00

Three possibilities are available to you:

  • do not interface your site with real estate CRM, in which case the management of your goods is done directly in WordPress
  • become a WHISE user, who is a serious CRM software and has a proven track record
  • contact us to evaluate if we can interface our solution with your CRM software (other than WHISE)
Does your solution cover specific needs?2019-09-16T16:43:05+02:00

With Prodigy, we cover main sections and features useful for real estate agency activities.
However, if you have special needs that you would like to add to your site, we’re glad to hear it.
WordPress is an open platform that allows infinite possibilities.
We are at your disposal for any functionality you are interested in.

Are there any hidden fees?2019-09-16T16:42:13+02:00

There are no hidden fees.

Your subscription covers all Prodigy services, including hosting and evolutive maintenance. We take care of the updates to ensure optimal operation, as well as the addition of new features that would prove useful.

If you opt for the package, you pay only once for the provision of your entire site, only hosting and technical maintenance remain to pay each year.

Whatever your choice, you also have all the access to make changes to the content of your site.
You can also order a WordPress training that will allow you to become familiar with the main aspects for managing your site.

Am I obliged to use all your services?2019-06-09T15:02:10+02:00

You have all our tools at disposal and can freely choose which ones you want to use.
Whether it’s the proposed languages, the sections of the site or the tools (such as the ZenDesk messaging system), it’s up to you.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more info.
We are at your disposal to answer you.

I wish to be contacted about Prodigy