Street View

For individuals

Finally a free solution for all!

Modern smartphones (equipped with a gyroscope) allow, with the use of a specific application, to easily realize 360 ° views.

There are a whole series of applications in this regard, but it is the free Street View application that we recommend you to assemble your views to achieve a 360 ° panoramic. The quality of Google applications is probably already familiar to you, and the Street View application is no exception to the rule, both easy to use and powerful.

Our tutorial will help you to make your first virtual visit and publish it on our servers.

Here is the virtual tour of our witness apartment realized with Street View

Each 360 ° view is obtained by assembling a dozen individual views. This assembly is done automatically by the Street View application as soon as the shots are complete (360 ° revolution).

The illustrated example was obtained by the assembly of a complete turn, but the Street View application also makes it possible to perform up to 2 additional turns (above and/or below) in order to fill the black areas. However, this option is often accompanied by connection areas that might be relatively visible in the final result.

StreetView intended exclusively for public places, the shooting solutions advocated by Google can perfectly be used for private goods, provided they are published on a private platform such as VisitOnWeb.

Here are the few steps to extract the 360 ° view, save it in your library and publish it on VisitOnWeb.

Your benefits

Having a virtual tour of your property is an undeniable asset.

Nowadays, the preselection of an asset takes place very often behind a screen, and the visuals displayed represent a decisive element in the choices made. It is generally at this stage that the first contact will be established with a future interested, whose decision to take an interest in your property will depend on the first images seen.

Save time, dedicate yourself to people who are truly interested.