Ricoh Theta SC2

Ideal for landlords and real estate agents

In the wake of technological advances, a series of ever more efficient devices have been developed by the major IT equipment suppliers.
New devices designed to make 360 ° views in a single shot are becoming popular, especially with the advent of Street View.

As such, Google has listed on its pages material that fit well into its approach.

Here is the virtual tour of our witness apartment realized with the Ricoh Theta SC

Each shot will have taken less than a minute.

We advise you to use a 360 ° camera in combination with a tripod, in order to be able to leave the room and trigger remotely using your smartphone (which drives the camera). This also allows sharpness of the shots and the use of slower shutter speeds.

Consult our tutorial to create your first panorama with your Ricoh Theta.

Street View is destined exclusively for public places, but the shooting solutions advocated by Google can perfectly be used for private goods, provided they are published on a private platform such as VisitOnWeb.

NB: If you manage a large number of properties (landlords & real estate agents), do not hesitate to contact us for other hosting rates for professionals.

Professionalize your services

Being able to offer a virtual visit to your clients is an undeniable asset.

Nowadays, the preselection of an asset takes place very often behind a screen, and the visuals displayed represent a decisive element in the choices made. It is generally at this stage that the first contact will be established with a future interested, whose decision to take an interest in your property will depend on the first images seen.

Expand your services at a lower cost.