Am I obliged to use all your services?2019-06-09T15:02:10+02:00

You have all our tools at disposal and can freely choose which ones you want to use.
Whether it’s the proposed languages, the sections of the site or the tools (such as the ZenDesk messaging system), it’s up to you.

Are there any hidden fees?2019-08-14T11:23:52+02:00

There are no hidden fees.
Your subscription covers all Prodigy services, including hosting.
We take care of the updates to ensure optimal operation, and the addition of new features that would prove useful.
You have also all access to autonomously make changes to the content of your site.

You can also order a WordPress training that will familiarize you with the main aspects of managing your site.

Does your solution cover specific needs?2019-06-09T14:57:05+02:00

With Prodigy, you have the main sections and features useful for real estate agency activities.

However, if you have special needs that you would like to add to your site, it’s perfectly possible.
WordPress is an open platform that allows infinite possibilities.
We are at your disposal for any offer you would like to receive.

What if I do not use WHISE?2019-06-09T14:54:28+02:00

Three possibilities are available to you:

  • do not interface your site with real estate CRM, in which case the management of your goods is done directly in WordPress
  • become a WHISE user, who is a serious CRM software and has a proven track record
  • contact us to evaluate if we can interface our solution with your CRM software (other than WHISE), because we are open to other integrations
Why a subscription/pack rather than an ‘à la carte’ pricing?2019-08-14T11:28:23+02:00

Because we are convinced that the shared model is more virtuous for everyone.
You have more for less money and continue to benefit from technological developments, without supplements!

What is a virtual tour?2017-03-02T14:04:27+02:00

A virtual tour is an assembly of several photos to offer a 360 ° interactive view of a place, in this case your home or apartment. Each view is composed of an assembly of photos taken from a central point and requiring shooting equipment. The advantage of a 360 ° panoramic view is to allow a total immersion and an interactive discovery of the place photographed.

How long does it take to complete a professional virtual tour?2017-03-02T14:07:45+02:00

The taking of photos for apartment generally takes 1 hour, possibly more depending on the number of views desired. It is especially the processing, assembly and publication of the virtual visit that takes time.

Is my virtual tour visible to all?2017-03-02T14:09:31+02:00

To display a virtual tour, you must have a private internet address that only you know. You receive this address with your order confirmation, and you are free to share it as you see fit. Your virtual tour is also protected from Google bots that browse the Internet to index content.

Who decides which shots to take?2017-03-02T14:12:02+02:00

Our package includes 5 shots 360° and 5 HDR photos, and you have the possibility to add them when ordering, according to your needs. The photographer will advise you on the best locations to render your property to its best, and you will decide freely which ones you prefer.

Can my virtual tour be viewed on a tablet/iPad, a smartphone/iPhone?2017-03-02T14:14:52+02:00

All our virtual tours can be viewed on all types of modern media (computers, tablets, smartphones). We use the html5 language which is compatible with Android (Google) and iOs (Apple).

How do I integrate my virtual tour with my real estate ad?2017-03-02T14:16:38+02:00

The virtual tour is represented in the form of an internet page which is accessible to a private address which we communicate to you in your confirmation of order. Just mention this address (url) in your ads so that interested people can virtually visit your property. Some ad sites allow you to fill in an external url in a special field. If this is not the case, then fill in the url in the description of your property.

How do I integrate my virtual tour with my website?2017-03-27T13:58:20+02:00

Yes, your virtual tour is also meant to be contained in a ‘frame’ on your site. The creation of this framework is linked to the technology of your site, and your webmaster will inform you about this possibility.

You usually only need to use the following code:

<iframe src="url de votre visite virtuelle" style="border:0px #FFFFFF none;" name="myiFrame" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" marginheight="0px" marginwidth="0px" height="650px" width="950px" allowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true"></iframe>

The tags “height” & “width” will determine the size of your frame.

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