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In the wake of technological progress, a series of ever more efficient devices are becoming more democratic. New devices intended to easily realize 360 ° views in a single operation are becoming widespread.

The two most popular devices are the Ricoh Theta & the VR kit, which works great.
the VR kit has the advantage of a very low cost because it uses your smartphone for taking pictures. This is a preferred solution if you have a recent, rather high-end smartphone (good optics).

You can also consult Google listed devices (as part of StreetView) for more choices.

We recommend using this kind of 360 ° device in combination with a tripod, so that you can place it at the right height (1,70m) in the middle of the room. It also allows for sharper shots and the use of slower shutter speeds.

Consult our tutorial to make your first panorama with your Ricoh Theta or  the VR kit.



You are looking for a simple and economical solution to publish your panoramas.

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You want to use your virtual tours with all the advanced features to maximize your operations.

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